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We’d love to hear about your experiences with us at Cantina Italiana. Please visit one of the sites above and leave your feedback about our food, service, and the restaurant, we welcome all constructive comments! 

OpenTable- Lisa M, New England

"Excellent service. Accommodated our large family party for a birthday dinner. My niece was pleased they were Able to accommodate her food restrictions. We have gone here several times and I never disappointed"


The North End is filled with its hits and misses, sprinkled in between the classics like Mike's Pastry and Vittoria Cafe, but Cantina is a total home run in my carb-loving book of Best Italian Eats. I came here for my birthday dinner and it's like being transported to old Italy -- you walk into the sounds of Italian being spoken, smell the comforting zing of tomato sauce, and imagine someone's nonna cooking up a homemade pasta dish for you. There's a certain charm to the whole place that I haven't really found replicated in any other restaurant in Little Italy. 

Maybe it's the booths -- being seated in one puts you in a little world of your own, where despite it being super busy / a packed house, you feel like you can have an intimate conversation with your table, and savor over all the dishes you ordered together, sharing pieces of your dish with your friends and family, just like you'd imagine a homey Italian dinner. 

We were on a time crunch with tickets to a show, but somehow our (amazingly efficient/sweet) waiter was able to work with the kitchen to get our dishes out quickly and impeccably cooked. 

I had the Bombolotti alla Buongustaia (Bombolotti pasta, spicy Italian sausage, fresh basil, marinara sauce, parmigiano), while we shared a few apps I can barely recall since we devoured them so quickly. I had never had bombolotti, but this was hands down my favorite of everything we ordered. The pasta was cooked SO perfectly, and that sauce! Suffice to say, I'll never train for a sprint or a marathon, but I can proudly say I can devour a multi-course Italian meal in under 45 minutes. Which should be record-holding, in some countries, I'm sure. 

It's generally impossible to get my niece to a) eat her dinner or b) talk to any strangers, and she literally left hi-fiving the waiter and saying how amazing the spaghetti was, so home run it is:).


Cantina Italiana is my favorite Italian restaurant in the US. I am not even kidding! I love the location, the vibe and well, the food is second to none. Oh, so good!!! 

I was in Boston last week for a conference and some of the attendees wanted to get to Hanover Street for Mike's Pastry so of course, I had t also recommend we eat Italian food while over there. 

They all loved the food! It was a Thursday night and we were able to get a table with a quickly made reservation and I'm glad we did. 

The bread was good, the wine was dry like I like it and the ravioli was amazing as I remember. 

Oh, and the meatballs! So glad I tried them! I loved them, too. 

I will definitely be back next time I'm in town. Love you, Cantina Italiana! XOXO

Elda Eats